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Why buy our cabinets?
Jeff Christenson


  1. Value, our cabinet boxes and shelves are made from full ¾” plywood with an ultraviolet polyurethane finish. We use only premium hardwoods that are dried and processed with the highest technology.  Drawers are made from solid wood, not plywood or particle board. We use Blum hardware, one of the most respected hardware manufacture’s in the industry. Our cabinets are built by two men who have the love for working with wood resulting in very high quality control.

  2. Finish, we use Commercial grade stains and catalyzed lacquers which are tested and approved by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association. All finishes are hand sanded between coats resulting in a super smooth finish. The stain and paint colors are endless.

  3. Size, our cabinets are made any size to fit your room. We never need fillers to complete a run. The cabinets are made in large sections; we do not screw several cabinets together. This results in very few seams.

  4. Price, our cabinets are priced competitively with the major brand name cabinet’s stock sizes. We do not build advertising or the cost of show rooms and sales staff into the price of the cabinets. Our customers are our sales people and their kitchens are our show rooms. No shipping cost.

  5. Service, since our cabinets are made in the Quad Cities you do not have to wait for a factory rep to fly into town to resolve any issues. Our cabinets are fine tuned and checked personally by Jeff before they leave the shop. If, (in a rare case) a problem would arise after the installation Jeff, the person who made your cabinets will be there for you.

  6. Experience, building homes and cabinets for 30 years.

  7. Design, there is no such thing as stock size with our cabinets. Your kitchen is designed with state of the art computer software. You can see your kitchen in a 3D colored image before you make your final decisions on the layout. We can build endless configurations, sizes and shapes to meet your needs. Use any wood with any stain or solid color.

  8. Customer satisfaction, our customers are so satisfied with their cabinets that they always offer to allow Jeff to show their kitchen to anyone. We have a long list of happy customers and their phone numbers available for you.

Thank you for considering Christenson Carpentry for your project!
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